Sitting Policy

Mythic Sitting Policy


If you are here we expect that you’ve read our overall philosophy about mythic and are curious about how sitting is going to work. The necessity for sitting is baseline when considering Mythic Raiding content in a sustainable format.


How are you deciding who to sit and when?


This is a multifaceted process that relates to the factors you can be doing correctly as a raider (available below.) As we begin to implement the system, there will be officer cross-talk to decide sitters, as well as heavier consideration of past attendance record (to honor the old way of doing things.) In time we expect this to largely handle itself and have calls made by the Logistics Manager. On top of the below parameters we also have different sets of criteria depending on what the raid is doing at the time. Our officers will ask themselves these questions:


How we sit on any given day:

  • Did you arrive on time and ready to go?

(Late players, even the highly qualified, are the lowest priority to receive a spot.)

How we sit on Farm Content:

  • Who needs loot the most from these bosses? (How do we best serve the raid)
  • Are there volunteers who don’t need the boss?
  • Can this composition successfully farm the boss?

How we sit on Progression Content:

  • How do we put our best foot forward to down the boss?


The answers to these questions, particularly the final one, are highly context oriented. Obviously the player with the best learning curve is needed for Mythic Botanist, and a player who is underperforming on numbers might prevent a Mythic Krosus progression kill.


Situations we wish to avoid at all costs:

  • Any player is sat for more than 1 night per week for any reason (3+ hours)
  • Sat players miss out on farm bosses with very important drops for them
  • Low attendance raiders are rewarded over high attendance raiders


Factors that help reduce the chance you are forced to sit for progression content:

  • Be reliable in your attendance
  • Perform average or better in your role
    • Numerically
    • Mechanically
  • Be Prepared for fights
    • Learn in advance (Reduce raid learning curve)
    • Have flasks/food/enchants at all times
  • Have a great attitude and contribute positively to voice chat feedback

What Happens when you Sit

  • We thank you graciously for your service
  • If you stay “on call” (within 5 minutes of retrieval) you gain 100% of EP earned by the raid