Mythic Philosophy



This guild started in EN without the specific intention of raiding mythic. We all stepped up to the plate and managed to earn Cutting Edge Xavius raiding only two nights a week. This has been rallying and motivating for a lot of us to continue this trend in the future. Now, we stand as likely one of the very few 3/10 Mythic guilds on our server that only progresses for 6 hours per week. Everyone is excited by this progress and some new changes are coming to help our future success. To understand them, we have to consider what Mythic raiding entails.


How to handle a fixed raid size:


Mythic Raiding is an inflexible raid format that requires 20 players to participate. It offers the greatest challenges of the game and none of us are content to merely progress heroic, or we wouldn’t be here. Catchphrase wishes to have flexibility to its members to be absent but still wishes to guarantee mythic raiding content to its core raiders. The nature of maintaining this balance requires that we recruit more than 20 qualified mythic raiders and implement some kind of system to determine how to handle nights in which we are overstaffed.

What are the Changes?

  • Broader Organization
    • A council of leaders to spread the work out
  • Roster Expansion
    • Greater insistence on 23-25 on the core team
  • EPGP
    • Changes are live: You earn most of your points through progression hours
  • Sitting Policy
    • New parameters available here


The Shared Contract


Overstaffing and sitting are part of the success of this system and not scary or punishing, just an essential component to the contract we are all under when we desire and pursue the inflexible mythic raiding format. As your Guild Master, I cannot promise a raid night can occur every week and on time if we recruit only 20 members, since things always come up. If you are punctual and asked to sit you still generate EP for future loot, since we feel you fulfilled your end of the bargain by being a mythic ready raider and showing up on time.



Know that while performance, attitude, and attendance are all considered in the process, our goal is to reward the most ‘complete’ players with this system and build a community where we all succeed when the guild succeeds.


While this is a departure from the past Catchphrase attendance system, we are still not a super hardcore guild that will heartlessly recruit above you or slowly cycle out underperformers. We are still mostly a community of friends and are far more interested in investing in the growth of struggling players than making you feel like fungible cogs within our system. An overarching concept within every change I plan to make is trying to figure out how to build the guild into a long-term and successful organization, and this disposition towards our raiders is paramount to that.