Developing Performance


Our long term goal as Catchphrase is to continually have a successful raid team through the end of Legion in order to be well prepared for Battle for Azeroth. What this essentially comes down too is the willingness to learn. Be it from your mistakes, the fundamental function of your class and role in the raid, the basics of your class, and including but not limited to the best gear gems enchants etc. These are the basics to being a Mythic raider. Catchphrase has made tremendous progression in the past and plan too for the Future. This means working as a team to achieve our goals as a guild and having fun along the journey. Lastly our leadership prefers to assist the raiders that we do have become better players than replace them. Our approach promotes better team cohesion.


If you are on this Doc hoping to develop your performance, I offer this as required reading.
Raid Awareness is a Learned and Practiced Skill:

Raid Awareness is a Learned and Practiced Skill

What should I do if I am under-performing?

  • Be proactive!
    • Speak up in Discord about a mechanic you are having trouble with
    • Talk to officers after/during the raid about your difficulty
    • A huge percentage of our player-base would love to help you!
  • Do the easy weekly things that improve your character
    • Weekly Mythic+
      • Use the guild discord, everyone is interested in seeing the guild succeed and many would and do commit outside time to helping with this
    • farming AP
      • More stamina means you can stand in fire longer!
      • The traits gained from AP are the main source of solo-player power increases, this is especially true early on in the expansion
    • Learn about your class
      • There are tons of resources online that can help you gain better awareness of your gameplay and how to improve it
        • Warcraft Logs
        • SimulationCraft
        • Check my Wow
        • Class Discords
        • MMO Champion
      • Practice mechanics and rotations during easier content (Heroic or Normal)
        • The biggest asset that easier versions of bosses provides for raiders is the ability to practice mechanics with lower numerical punishment.
          • Getting hit by collapsing world on Mythic Portal Keeper will likely one shot you, but This ability behaves in the exact some fashion on Heroic and most likely you will survive.
          • Trying to improve your rotation? The stakes are far lower when experimenting on Heroic difficulty.